Friday, January 26, 2007


I don't particularly care for fish that's cooked but I love sushi. Now that's a contradiction if I ever heard one.

Yesterday it felt like I should take a break from what I usually eat. It's not always a healthy choice. I should know better and I do know better.

The day started with Shredded Wheat with banana and milk.

Lunch, 9 piece sushi tuna washed down with water.

Dinner, grilled Ahi steak and lots of vegetables.

I feel so damned healthy this morning I could shout!

They say that it's possible to get worms from eating raw fish. Now that's a possibility which is never good to think about. Then again, the worms could be used for the next fishing outing if they could be coughed up. Yuck!

You are what you eat. Or so they say.

I could eat sushi again today. Tomorrow. The next day. And so on. Oysters on the half shell are also a favorite worth eating most any day of the week.

Two tickets to a charity crab feed on the 3rd are sitting on the desk. We'll go, crack crab, eat the other stuff that's served with the crab, drink the complimentary wine (designed to oil everyone up so they buy all of the goods offered at the auction at a high price) and then fall into bed smelling like something the cat dragged in.

It's time for breakfast. Will it be left over pizza or Shredded Wheat?

Decisions, decisions, decisions . . .

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