Monday, January 29, 2007


According to Grace, this is Mr. Clown Head. Her name for the character I've concocted.

Grace knows Mr. Clown Head is Old Bob. But Old Bob tells Miss Grace that this is not true.

Grace says that Mr. Clown Head has my eyes. She also says that Mr. Clown Head wears the same clothes as I do and puts on my shoes. Miss Grace is pretty observant for a four year old kid.

I tell Grace that Clown Head is Clown Head and that Mr. Clown Head is not me.

When you least expect it, Mr. Clown Head pops out of no where. He does not speak but he does make interesting noises.

Mr. Clown Head does funny things. He dances. He runs around. He tries to do flips.

Grace laughs and says to Mr. Clown Head, "Papa, you're so silly!"

And then Mr. Clown Head disappears. No where to be found.

One day Mr. Clown Head will be Grace's.

I suspect that Grace will play Mr. Clown Head for her grandchildren who will say, "Oh Grammy Grace, you're soooooo silly!"

If nothing else, Mr. Clown Head will always bring back fond memories for Grace. Posted by Picasa

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