Thursday, January 18, 2007

(Would you like fries with that glacier?)

They say our glaciers are receding and that one day there will be no glaciers.

Like the glaciers, many snow capped mountains will one day no longer have any snow on them. Or so the scientists say.

That's why I'm waiting for the glaciers and snow capped mountains to disappear before I attempt my assault on Mt. Everest.

When there's no snow on Everest I'll just walk right up to the top with no problem at all. No slip sliding away. Easy as pie on the fourth of July.

Mount Shasta is close to Cow Town. If you're in the right part of town it's easy to spot.

I read the other day that Mt. Shasta's glacier is growing larger with every year. The US Geological Survey has measured it year after year. They've concluded that Mt. Shasta has the only glacier in the world that is not receding. Hard to believe but they say that this is true.

I wish I had the only hairline in the world that wasn't receding. I got hairs a plenty in the sink when I comb my hair every morning. Them hairs are a plenty. Well, actually there are only a couple of hairs every morning . . . more than I like to see.

It's just one of those days today. Same old, same old which in itself is better than terrible old, terrible old. Status quo or same old is often a good thing especially if you're swimming a long distance and all you can muster is to keep your nose above water.

After Candace finishes reading her a book, I think I'll watch some cartoons with Grace.

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Max said...

Shoot Dad, your hairline's lower than mine!

Bob said...

But I'm losing hair faster than you are . . . I'll be ahead of you before long. Wait. My hair is ahead of you now. My hair will be behind yours before too long. I think that's pretty much explains it.

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