Monday, January 22, 2007

Twenty five of our troops were killed Saturday. 25.
How much is enough? How many more of our troops will perish? How many times do we have to have our faces rubbed in the Iraq crap before a solution is framed to end the violence, that a timeline is firmly set in stone that allow Iraq to fully govern and police themselves and a plan is drafted to bring our troops home?
When will this happen? Will 3,000 more American men and women have to die in the interim?
And I wonder, does our president have the IQ to figure any of these things out? Some say he's not the brighest bulb in the pack, that he's one fry short of a Happy Meal.
Shame, shame, shame on him.
Now that Rummy is out, there's no one to blame except where the buck stops.
If you had a son or daughter fighting in Iraq what would run through your mind if they were killed or maimed? For what? That's what I'd think. For what.
Americans generally unite for just causes.
What is just about this cause?
What next, Mr. President?
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