Thursday, January 25, 2007


Jilli most always sleeps with her tongue sticking out. I have taken that to be a sign of contentment and deep sleep. Why else would a dog hang their tongue out while alsleep.

Being covered with a blanket is important to her. At night she'll sleep soundly under a pile of blankets or pillows. It's a wonder she doesn't suffocate.

I wonder if I sleep with my tongue sticking out? No one has taken a picture of me sleeping for quite a while. If sticking your tongue out is the key to a good night's sleep I'll be getting right on that tonight.

Dinner with a friend last night was a nice diversion from the every day routine of being on vacation. We went to a little place tavern that serves only steaks - two kinds. One with fat and the other without. Comes with salad, baked potato and French bread. No vegetables. My kind of meal.

Customers cook their own steak on a grill inside of the restaurant. Nice touch. Almost like being at home.

We had a leisurely meal and talked, talked talked! We even bumped into a mutual acquaintance who also wanted to talk, talk, talk.

It's been nearly 70 degrees in Cow Town every day for the past week. Clear and sunny. Unless the wind comes up, you can bank on a nearly balmy day. Mr. Gopher came back so part of our warm afternoons are spent tracking this critter down.

Yesterday I bought poison pellets. Care has to be taken that the dogs don't get into one of the holes with pellets in them. Each are covered with a bucket with a heavy rock on top so little paws can't tip them over.

In our house you must love dogs and be mindful about their safety.

I also bought one of the gadgets that stick in the ground and emit vibrations and noises. The thinking is that gophers and/or moles hate these sounds and leave.

Today, if the pellets were not successful, I'll fire up the Gopher Vibrator. But if this little rodent has bought the farm, I'll take the Vibrator back and ask for my $24 bucks to be returned.

I wish I had access to fire power from the US Air Force.

Hello Air Force? I'd like to call in a strike on my backyard.

An air strike would be the real deal - no more messing around with this rodent. One missile would do the trick.

Of course I'd need a new backyard but at least it would be gopher free.

I'll do anything to get that pesty rascal.

Better get out there and check my buckets.

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