Wednesday, January 24, 2007


I like Wednesdays. Food articles are published in the newspapers on Wednesdays. Cooking is an on again, off again hobby. Anything new and interesting in the paper on Wednesday gets me cooking.

Noon on any Wednesday marks the half way part of the work week. Still one half to go until the weekend. Better than waking up on a Monday with zero down and five to go.

Bloggers celebrate a couple of days each week. One day they celebrate is HNT. It took me a while to figure out what HNT meant. Old Bob is slow to go on some these Internet terms.

HNT is Half Naked Thursday. So, those who participate in HNT post a half nekked picture of themselves on their Blog every Thursday.

Bob will pass on being a member of that club.

Here's Max, Grace and Candace under one of our backyard oak trees. It was taken during Max's last visit.

I like the picture because (1) It's a good one and (2) Grace has bangs.

Recently Grace mastered the fine art of how to manipulate scissors. It wasn't long before she decided to change her look by cutting off her bangs.

Candace still cuts her bangs now and then inbetween haircuts. And then she crabs that her self imposed scissor cut doesn't look right.

I suspect when she's older that Grace will continue to cut her bangs, too. Why is it that girls never learn about hair and scissors?

Happy Hump Day and if I don't see you, HNT to you, too!Posted by Picasa

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