Sunday, January 21, 2007

ON . . . OFF . . . ON . . . . OFF. . .. ON. . . OFF

I love a good hot morning shower. Couldn't start the day without one.

Yesterday morning was grocery shopping time. More than a few people were in the store with hair that looked like it had not been washed.

Hair that stood up on end or hair that was mussed around. Then there was just plain old greasy hair.

How can people go without bathing? Yuck.

Standing under a hot shower is my thing. For a long time. Shaving under the shower is also my thing. Lots of water and soap make for a close, comfortable shave. Sounds like a commercial.

On, off, on, off, on, off. That's what I hate most about taking a shower. Someone (and there's only one) is turning the hot water on and off, on and off. . . making my hot shower cooler than I like it.

From hot to luke warm showers disturbs my top of the morning Chee.

When I was a kid my brother and I used to do that on, off, on, off deal when mom or dad were taking a shower. We'd take turns doing the on, off faucet trick.

Once in a while we'd go in the garage and turn the valve off to the water heater. This would completely cut off hot water to the shower.

Then mom or dad would pound on the wall and holler for us to stop using the hot water. We always made the excuse that the two of us were washing the dirty breakfast dishes.

On day dad found us in the middle of our on, off faucet fun. It was one of the days we chose to turn off the hot water heater while mom was in the shower. There we were in the garage, one hand on the hot water valve, laughing hysterically and dad walked in.

There were two red butts in our house that night. Sitting down was hard for a couple of days.Posted by Picasa


Shells Bells said...

I agree on the hot showers! I love em so much I rusted the hinges on my bathroom door when I was teenager!

Bob said...

When I was a teen we were encouraged to take cold showers . . . didn't do a thing for me! Hahahaa.

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