Wednesday, January 31, 2007


Jillianna is 8 today.

Seems like only yesterday we brought home this cute little bundle of fur.

There will be a small party this afternoon. Grace wants chocolate cake.

I don't know what the birthday girl wants but it's a good guess that she'll love a new Nylabone, a bowl of kibble and a little steak that is accidently dropped on the floor during our dinner.

Jilli loves to play ball. She can toss the ball back to you, catch the ball, chase the ball and find the ball when it's hidden.

Jilli loves the game of find the ball. It's uncanny as to how quickly she can find a well hidden ball.

She'll sit obediently, smiling the dog smile that she does so well, while the ball is hidden and wait for the command, "Jilli! Find the ball!" Dogs do smile, don't you know?

On command and after several acknowledging barks, Jilli comes running. Jilli can track the path taken to where the ball was hidden. Regardless of which room or the location outside, Jilli's nose follows the path to where the ball is.

I think this to be really exceptional. Candace says it's what dogs do. Jilli is gifted but gets no credit from her other master in the find the ball department.

Finding a can of Budweiser, even if well hidden, might be a chore for Old Bob. The whifter gets a little out of whack now and again.

Even with a bad nose, I could find that can of Bud. No problem. This game could be played much in the same way that Find the Ball, Jilli! is played in our home.

I'd sit outside the front door on all fours, smile on my face, waiting for the command, "Bobby! Find the Bud!"



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