Friday, January 12, 2007


Somewhere in life each of us had to learn how to take pictures with a camera.

My first camera was bought by saving a lot of boxtops from cereal boxes and sending a dollar to a post office box in Chicago.

She was beauty. A Dick Tracy camera. Definitely worth all of the boxtops and the buck.

I took a lot of pictures with my Dick Tracy. Some of the pictures were of my next door friend, Doug. Together we would usually play cowboy after school and on weekends.

We'd usually fight about who would be Gene Autry and who would be Gabby Hayes. Or who would be Roy Rogers and who would be the bad guy. Sometimes we would argue about who would be the Indian and who would be the cowboy.

Whoever got to be the bad guy was usually shot, tied up and then hung from the willow tree in our backyard. Hanging meant tieing a rope around the ankles of the bad guy, throwing the loose end over a sturdy branch and hauling the bad guy feet first up to the top of the limb.

I'd usually tie off the loose end and leave Doug hanging from upside down for a while. He'd get mad for leaving him "hung" for so long and then there would be a couple of 6 or 7 year old kids punching it out just like they did in the old west.

After college Doug ended up being a news director for a television station in San Jose. I should copy some of the old pictures I took with my Dick Tracy camera and send them to him.

Grace took the picture posted here. It's a nice picture of what her mother and Candace look like from the neck down. I think I know why Grace cut their heads off.

When Grace pushed the button down on the camera to take the picture the camera went down along with the button.

Other than that it's a pretty good body shot of the two ladies.

Maybe Grace needs a Dick Tracy camera to fine tune her skills with the camera.

What happened to my Dick Tracy camera is anyone's guess. If I still had this camera it'd be neat to let Grace practice taking pictures with it.

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