Wednesday, December 27, 2006


This morning I said to the wife, "I'm thinking about having ham for New Year's. What would you like to have?"

"Nothing", she replied, "I am soooo over food for a while. You get what you want to eat."

I have to agree. Prime rib Christmas Eve. Turkey and everything that goes with turkey on Christmas Day. We've eaten high up on the food chain this holiday season.

I will never be over food, not even for a little while. What me eat bunny food? Defined as all greens and veggies with nary a piece a meat on the plate.

If I were a prisoner of war and the bad guys wanted me to spill the beans, all they'd have to say, "Bunny food for a month or else!" I'd be a gab, gab, gabbing!

We used to drive at least every two weeks if not every week to a little Italian place. The drive was nice and only 15 minutes from our door.

Negri's was a nice place to unwind from a busy day, enjoy a little wine, a little antipasta, then dig into a salad, a bowl of soup, a plate of pasta and maybe chicken or steak.

When we moved from this area to Cow Town we soon found that replacing Negri's with a another Italian restaurant of similar quality was not going to be easy. Actually, it's been impossible. There's only one Occidental California with its Italian restaurants. Without a doubt there is only one Negri's.

With Candace not wanting any more holiday food it would be nice to eat at Negri's New Year's Eve or New Year's Day. She could eat her bunny food. I could gorge myself with the Italian food I crave and drink any beverage of my choosing. Candace would be happily under-fed. I would be happily stuffed.

That's not going to happen. There's nothing like Negri's even close to Cow Town.

I thought about driving to Negri's for dinner and then driving 5 hours home. That would be nuts. How many sobriety check points would I have to pass before I hit the front door of our home? How many times would I have to say, "Well no officer, I've not been drinking." And how many times would I hear, "Please step out of the car." I can do without that.

Home we'll stay. Maybe an early dinner out New Year's Eve would be fitting instead of a 15 course ham dinner at home. Maybe this is the answer to the she doesn't want to eat anything but bunny food, he wants to eat like a pig, maritial, keep peace in the family question.

Whatever we do for dinner that night, it will be good to put 2006 away and look forward to the year 2007 as being another new beginning.

Still, driving to Negri's is appealing. We could eat. We could dance the night away. It would be like coming home.

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