Sunday, December 03, 2006


Geeze, what happened to winter? It's short sleeves today, shorts, no shoes . . . eat your heart out, East Coast!

What better day to smoke something. Not that something. A chicken something. As I sit here a young chick is gracing the grill of my smoker. Back in the days young chicks were not gracing the grill of my smoker . . . or maybe they were. Hmmmmm. I have to think about that.

When I retired I didn't want a gold watch. I wanted a smoker. No, I lusted for a smoker.

Thanks to the great ladies who used to work with me - Kelly, Helen, Mary along with others, this smoker was one of my retirement gifts.

So today there's FIRE IN THE HOLE! The smoker is going full blast. It's warm outside. I'm loving it.

I am not loving all of the flies that are hatching. Why is there always a downside of something good?

There will be acid reflux tonight. I can count on it.

Aunt Acid or Uncle Acid anyone?

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