Monday, December 04, 2006


I pulled into the lot of Burger King this morning expecting to jump start my Monday with a whooper of a Whopper. What better than a nice juicy burger topped off with a pickle, bun, onion, and lettuce.

Jilli was along for the ride so I parked in front of Burger King so that I could keep an eye on her. As I made the swing into the parking space I noticed four cars all filled with people eating their burgers. Why, I wondered.

As I made my way into BK I immediately understood why - most of the tables were occupied with men who had seen better times. Matted hair, horrible beards, clothes that needed washing. They were taking the savory part of eating out of the burger experience. No wonder everyone chose to eat in their car.

I didn't want to eat in the truck as Jilli goes burger nuts for what I'm eating so I chose to eat inside with the guys. I got my order, sat down and ate not with the guys but close to them. So close I could see the whites of their eyes!

One of the guys talked a lot to himself unless he had one of those cell phones that you stick in your ear. I hate stick it in your ear cell phones. People look really stupid with a cell phone in their ear.

The guy talking to himself must have been his own best friend. He'd say something and then he'd laugh and laugh. I wonder what it was that was funny. He probably was making fun of the buttondown guy sitting at the table across the room who kept looking at him.

As I munched on my burger I tried not to look the homeless guys. I knew if I looked at them that it would kill my appetite. Most of the time I looked at the picture of King Burger on the wall. What a creepy guy. Looking at him was worse than looking at the homeless guys.

What happened to these guys? Why are they homeless? Don't you wonder about the stories they could tell about whatever it was that happened that made them homeless?

You can bet that if we had saved the money spent on the war in Iraq that we could have bought a nice home, stocked it with a year's supply of food and put a little Toyota in the garage for all of the homeless persons in American. The homeless would be living high on the hog and pretty much like King Burger King.

Without America's war, Iraq probably would have been better off. Our homeless people would be a lot better off if we had invested the war money into helping people instead of killing people.

Next time, I'm going to the BK across town and not the one with all of the entertainment.
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