Wednesday, December 20, 2006


The house was being cleaned the other day so I decided to load one of the dogs into the truck, head for the post office and then have a quick meal at Jacque in Zee Box. I didn't want to mess up the kitchen after it had been so nicely cleaned by the housekeeper.

I ordered, sat and waited for my meal.

The truck was parked in a place where I could keep an eye on the dog. She knew exactly where I was and what I was doing. The dog was not happy that she had to sit this meal out in the truck.

Soon enough the meal was ready and I retrieved it from the counter. The woman at the counter said that I had an opportunity "to win money" if I took a phone survey. The number to call, she said, was listed on the receipt. Okay, I thought as I saw that the grand prize was $10,000. Lady Luck may smile on me if I made just one phone call.

While munching on my burger I checked out the recipt for what I had to do to enter the $10,000 contest drawing. I also wanted to check the receipt to see why the cashier knocked fifty cents off of the total.

Let's see now,

1 Jumbo Jack $1.59
(No mayo)

1 Monster Taco at $1.29

1 small soft drink cost $1.29 - wow, as much as a Taco and almost as much as the Jumbo Jack!

Next on the receipt came SENIOR DISCOUNT!! - and fifty cents was deducted.


With tax it all came to $3.94.

When I got home I hung my head and handed the receipt to Candace. "What's happening to you?", she said in misbelief that once more I was given a senior discount.

What is it? The way I comb my hair? The way I dress? Do I smell like a senior citizen? I wonder.

Dad used to tell me that when he got older that he'd appreciate it if I'd tell him when he began to stink. Funny thing, when dad got much older and began to stink I told him and he really didn't care.

I'd love to have a light sword just like the ones in Star Wars.

If I did have a light saber I'd fight with Jack over getting another damn senior discount.


That would be me.

People! Knock off those senior discounts, hear! Posted by Picasa

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Max said...

Dad, a little black hair dye and a few trips to the dematologist could easily get that discount forgotten about! ;)

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