Tuesday, December 05, 2006

The Chez Watsoni sign was made many years ago by Jan, a very special parent at our school. Each year at the school's Halloween carnvival I sold soft drinks and taco bellys to benefit a pet program of mine. The Chez Watsoni hung above our booth to advertise what was being sold.

Chez Watsoni, open only once a year, was a lot of work but it was fun. Candace helped out which lightened the load. It was just of the two of us in a booth slinging food here and soft drinks there.

You're wondering what Taco Bellys are. Simple. Bag of corn chips smashed up opened length wise. Put copious amounts of homemade chili on tops of the chips, add things like taco sauce or salsa, cheese, chopped tomatoes and/or onions. VIOLA! Instant walk around food at any festival.

When I left the school in favor of another career opportunity I inadvertantly left my Chez Watsoni sign in a storage shed. My friend Carol rescued the sign, stored in in her garage for a long, long time, took it with her when she moved 200 miles away and then brought it with her several weeks ago to a friend's birthday party. I took it from there. Thank you, thank you Carol Ann!

And here it is hung in a place of honor in the garage. I took time to hang my sign yesterday. Candace said she was thinking of hanging it over the fireplace. . . Well, it is a piece of art.

I've always thought that it would be neat to own and operate a restaurant. It's one of those things - they always look good on the outside looking in but are not as much fun as we would have liked them to be.

If I had a restaurant for sure I'd call it something with Bob or Watsoni on it. Like Bob's Chili Bowl or Bob's Burger Palace and Hooter Bar. How about What About Bob? Or I could use my sign and call the place Chez Watsoni.

I'd serve stuff that is easy to make because I'd probably be cooking. Candace would be my hostess, waitress, bus person, dishwasher, PR lady, kick their ass out our restaurant female bouncer.

We'd only be open for lunch: 10:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.

Of course there would be burgers, burgers with everything on them. Then on the menu there would be the Naked Burger. Everyone would ask, "What's a Naked Burger?" There's only one Naked Burger and that's a burger with nothing on it. How logical.

There would be Bob's Chili. There would be chili on everything. Mashed potatoes and chili. Have you ever tried that? Yummy! The cooker guy at the college I attended would make that up special for me anytime I asked for it. I have to post the chili recipe here one day. It's a keeper and you'd like it.

I'd like to serve oysters but they're too hard to open and I don't want to work very hard at being in the restaurant business. Maybe I'll serve snails with special French boy sauce on them. That would be easy.

There has to be beer on the menu. Bud Draft 22 ounce 25 cents. Rich Boy Oregon Micro Brew Beer 10 dollars a glass. PBR 22 ounce draft $1. PBR is restaurant talk for Pabst Blue Ribbon. I would only want to serve Bud but a fancy place like mine would have to have an assortment of beer to keep everyone happy. Three beer choices is plenty.

For soft drinks we'd only serve Pepsi. Only Pepsi. When someone ordered two cheeseburgers and two soft drinks I would always sing out, Chee booger, chee booger, Peepsi, Peepsi.

There would always be music playing. This time of year we'd play Grandma Got Run Over By A Reindeer ten times an hour. I also like that dog that that barks out Jingle Bells. That would play 20 times an hour. The tune All I Want for Christmas is My Two Front Teeth? 16 times an hour.

How about a Chee booger, Peepsi? No fries, only cheeps!

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Anonymous said...

Would love to read your blog about serving on the Draft Board...........we should have a reunion of our Selective Service Board!!!!

Bob said...

Only if the meeting was in Emeryville . . . :)

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