Tuesday, December 19, 2006


When I was a teacher one of my little guys, Mitch Starkey, used to bring sardine sandwiches to school for a mid morning snack.

During snack time Mitch would come up and intentionally breathe in my face and say, "Good morning!" knowing how much I hated the smell of his fish sandwich breath.

Mitch would then flash a "fish eating grin" complete with sardine inbetween his teeth and run off to play.

It was pretty horrible.

I wonder if Mitch still eats sardine sandwiches? I wonder if Mitch's wife likes sardines for lunch? I wonder if eating sardines is grounds for divorce. I should call Mitch's mom and ask these things.

I've never liked cooked fish but I love sushi. Go figure. I could eat sushi all day long. Allllll day long. Frankly, I think it tastes better than cooked fish.

The first picture is of a favorite place of ours, Isobune restaurant in San Francisco. You can see people seated around a counter. Look closely and you'll see that just forward of where they're sitting is a moat that is filled with water. In the moat are little boats that go around and around and around the counter. They're carrying dishes of sushi.

There's no waiting to eat. Take what you want off of the boat and go for that sushi experience. Often I don't know what it is that I'm eating because there's nothing to identify what I've just taken off of the boat. Sushi? It's all good.

My favorite kind of sushi is a piece of fish on top a slice of sushi rice. Ahhhhh soooo, very good eating, Grasshopper.

Your bill at Isobune is determined by the dishes. Every dish has a dollar meaning connected to it. I've seen people eat a lot more sushi than I could ever think of eating and have a stack of dishes a foot or more in height. Big bucks.

Here are the little boats. Cool place.

Have you read that the ocean is steadily being overfished? I believe that. When was the last time you've seen swordfish on the menu of any restaurant? Shark is becoming scarce. How about red snapper?

I just read that tuna is fast becoming a thing of the past. What was it, 2012 or was it 2026 when it is predicted that there will be insufficient supplies of tuna.

Sorry, Charlie. The Chicken of the Sea is going to be no more.

When there are no more fish to eat in the ocean what will we eat for sushi?

When there's no more fish in the sea I'm thinking that cow, seagull, pig, squirrel and roadkill sushi will take its place.

What a thought.

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