Friday, December 29, 2006


I just read that Saddam is expected to be hung soon, probably by Saturday. Since it's not nice to make fun of the dead, I wanted to put in my two bits before that happened.

Isn't there an alternative to capital punishment? There should be. Killing via death penalty seems so primitive even though it feels so good to get even.

Do you wonder if America lost the war in Iraq if our president would then be considered a war criminal? That would be something, don't you think?

Instead hanging Saddam why not make use of him? Saddam could become a member of the president's cabinet and advise Mr. Bush on how to end the war in Iraq. I don't think that he could do any worse than any of the advisors who came before him.

Or Saddam could do commercials. Take your pick. Viagra? Preparation H? Hair Club For Men? Jenny Craig? American Express. Or something better than those silly Citibank commercials - I just hate them. The list is endless of what Saddam could do in a commercial. I'd watch any of the commercials with Sadam in them.

Saddam could start a Rehab program for deposed dictators. "Hi, I'm Saddam and I'm a has been!" HI SADDAM!!!!

There's a lot of things Saddam could do in life that he will not be able to do in death. Except one thing, does he get in on that 70 virgin deal? Would all 70 be male 40 year old virgins? Worse yet, they'd decide that Saddam would catch and they would pitch.

I'll take life over 70 virgins any day. Gads, who would take 70 virgins by choice? Give me 70 party animal chicks. That would be fun!

I'll bet Saddam would take life if given the choice.

Killing anyone when unnecessary does seem like a waste of life. Even when it's Saddam Hussein, the worst of the worst.

We're a much better country than to kill people in the name of justice.

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