Monday, April 02, 2007


Revamping a planting area has long been something needing doing. There used to be "other stuff" here. It's been long gone.

Last week 2 yards of organic top soil were dumped into the bed of my utility trailer which I brought back to the house and unloaded, shovel full by shovel full.

Grace and the wife are putting finishing touches on what I've dumped.

Within the next week or so we'll have planted a large group of perennials. Large decorative rocks will add to the country flavor.

Grace learned if you put too much dirt in a bucket and if you can't lift it, don't ask Papa to carry for you 'cause he won't: Take half of the dirt out of the bucket so it will be easy to carry.

One more life's lesson learned, many more to go.

Today workers are coming to start remodeling the kitchen, family room, guest bathroom and replace tile counter tops, appliances, lighting, install a large freestanding over the cook top hood and rip out carpet through out the house and replace it with 20" paver tiles. They say it will take a couple of weeks, start to finish.

Expensive. But as they say, you can't take it with you.

I've pulled the fifth wheel travel trailer out from alongside the side of the house and parked it on the front driveway. There's not enough room alongside the house to tip out the three slides otherwise I'd keep it there. We'll cook our meals and spend parts of the day in the fifth wheel to get away from the din and dust of remodeling.

Grace is fired up with thoughts of how cool it will be to spend time in this home away from home.

It will be like camping without the scenery.

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