Saturday, April 07, 2007


It's Saturday and of course it's a day off for the guys doing our remodeling. As you can see, the guest bathtub had mud applied yesterday.

What you don't see is the vanity countertop in the guest bath that also had mud applied.

For some reason you need mud before you can tile something. As they say, "It's a treat to beat your feet on the Mississippi mud".

This has nothing to do with anything other than to prove that I can still spell Mississippi correctly.

Ah, the plants in the backyard. Orchids. This is the mother orchid plant. The mother of all mothers who started producing for Candace's mom in a redwood grove on the California coast years ago. And I mean years ago. There's no stopping the mother plant.

Next comes the pot of sweet peas off of the master bedroom.

And then there's our kumquat tree. We bought the tree for Candace's dad Buz for his Father's Day gift one year thinking it was a lemon tree. Lemon trees were an inside joke in the family.

Buz would tease his then bachelor son about the quality of women he was dating by saying, "Don't expect to find a peach in a lemon orchard". The son ended up marrying three lemons anyway.

For years it didn't do much other than stay green. Six years ago, with the passing of her mother, Candace brought the tree to our home. After a little TLC it began to shower us year after year after year with loads and loads of kumquats.

They're an interesting fruit to eat and unlike anything you've eaten before.

On account of our kitchen being all torn up Pizza Night is cancelled. It will be Taco Night in the trailer kitchen. Time for a few shots of tequila, a couple cans of Modelo especial, and a wild Mexican hat dance.

And don't forget, it's Saturday which means it's bath night, too!

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twilite said...

I love spring! Flowers and fruits...what a feast to the human senses!

Bob said...

It is a wonderful time of the year with one exception: AHHH CHOO! I could definitely do without the allergies.

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