Friday, April 20, 2007


Remember the commercial for Greyhound, "getting there is half the fun"? How can be riding on a bus for miles on end be fun?

That would be just like remodeling. Getting from start to finish is no fun.

The project is probably 2/3 of the way done. Still to be done:

There is dust on and in everything in every part of the house. It's going to take time to rid ourselves of it.

Overhead exhaust hood for the cooktop.

Paint. Lots of paint.

Lighting (add trac and canned lighting).

Many odds and ends (replace drawer pulls, door knobs, replace existing lighting in hallway, guest bath).

It's a money pit. Money in. No money out.

As they say, renovations do add to the value of the home. Sure, if you sell it.

I could have been on vacation today - south meeting son Max. The gum job Dr. Z did for Old Bob hurts and a little infected.

Is there anything such thing as a little infected? It either is or it isn't.

Good sense kept me home. Why be 500 miles from home with an infection that might go south.

Hey, if I'm already south of where I live the infection goes south with me. Am I right?
We plan on meeting Max the first of next week in Yosemite. It's early in the season so there will be few tourists to rub elbows with, the weather should be warm (according to the Weather Channel) and I'll be ripe for traveling.
My gums are hurting. Time for a pain pill.

Then I'm going to put on some Jimi Hendrix or Jefferson Airplane music, sit back, let the pain medication kick in and for one more time pretend it's the Summer of Love.


Love and

happiness to you this Friday.

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