Thursday, April 12, 2007


At this point in time posting anything on this thing called a blog is a day late and a buck short. Let's catch up.

Tuesday the wife took the BMW to the dealer for repairs. It's a 90 minute drive to the nearest dealer. The X-5 is on warranty. Oil is changed for free as is everything else it needs. It's definitely worth the drive.

I thought: Great day. A free day. I'll be like a bird and fly out of Remodel Hell.

No sooner does the wife get down the road and the phone rings. It's the grandchild's mother. "Gracie doesn't feel like going to school today. Will you be able to take her?"

So much for illusions of grandeur and my free as a bird thinking.

"Sure, bring her over." Since the wife had the child safety seat there would be no trips for the two of us to the mall. I could just strap Grace into a regular seat but she'd rat me out. There would be no hearing the last of that one. I was a prisoner in my own home for the day.

The day was filled with chasing butterflies, playing tag, drawing on the chalkboard, a hamburger lunch, 10 squirt gun fights, tossing the ball over and over and over to one of the dogs, and of course, cartoons.

We're checking out butterflies and bees. It was a catch and release deal.
Grace: "Papa? Why are you taking pictures of me?"

Me: "Because I can."
Come 5:00 p.m. Gracie was on her way grocery shopping with her mother. The wife still was not home from her day in the repair shop.

A glass of wine, a bowl of salad was exactly what the doctor ordered. The old batteries needed charging. The kid had pooped old Bob out.

Being a grand parent is hard work.

As I sat back in the recliner to enjoy my "feast" I breathed a sigh of relief.

Peace. Quiet.

For a few fleeting moments I was free as a bird.

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