Saturday, April 21, 2007


It's raining in Cow Town. A Saturday? Some rain? Not a bad thing.

Fire in the fireplace. Pea soup in the slow cooker. Some ethereal music on an XM station. Puttering around the house. The wife is out shopping. The dogs are sleeping. Close to a perfect day. Any time I can get out of bed is close to a perfect day.

Ha. I just say that. I always get out of bed and ready for anything. Old Bob was born ready.

It always rains on this particular weekend every year. Sometimes it snows. I know this because the annual Cow Town oldie car show falls on this weekend. Nine times out of ten there's rain.

You'd think that they'd rethink what they thought a while back - that this weekend in April was just right for an oldie car show. Hello! This is not working!!

Reno has their oldie car show in August. Hot August Nights. It does not rain in August in Reno. Even in dry years there's always rain in April for the Cow Town hoop-de-la oldie car show. Cow Town logic often fails me. I don't get it.

There are a lot of things I don't get in this world. Don't get me started. Logic combined with common sense. That should make the world go 'round. There would be very few things that I didn't get if common sense and logic prevailed most everywhere.

I'm talking to myself again. Not a good sign. So, I'll stop here, go check on the soup and get back to rainy day puttering.

I'll take a cool April night over a hot August night any day of the week.

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