Sunday, April 08, 2007


Easter Sunday. Hello there Easter Bunny!

Here's the wife placing sealer (at 47 bucks a 1/2 pint) on a turtle she carved out of stone. You have to hand it to her, the wife is creative.

Also being sealed yesterday were strips of rocks that will be set and grouted in along the back splash of the kitchen counters.

They're gonna look pretty cool, don't you think?

The seal is guaranteed to last 15 years. I will look forward to that second application. Wonder if we'll still own this house? Wonder if Old Bob will still be walking around in 15 years. Hell, I'll be the terror of the old folks home in 15 years.

It was Taco Night last night. Nice change from having pizza every Saturday. The wife cut up all those things you see.

Cilantro. Tomatoes (3 bucks a pound at Safeway). Limes. Red peppers. Carrots. Carrots? Well, to each their own. Carrots on a taco doesn't work for me.

Happy Sunday. And happy stroll in your Easter bonnet. You know the one. With all the frills upon it.

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Max said...

Oh, hey, ya, Easter.. that one just sneaks by around here without so much as one bunny.

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