Saturday, April 14, 2007


Here's our abode, complete with satellite dish and a truck full of rocks.

Today we'll start with putting things back together even though there's another 3-4 days left on the project.

The cook top can be installed as can the guest bath sinks and faucets. The kitchen sink can be set with the new disposal, faucet and hot water dispenser.

The son-in-law helped move the rocks out of the truck yesterday. He lifted them onto the tailgate, I put the rocks into a wheel barrow and moved them to the garden area. The back is talking to me this morning.

"You dumb cluck! Heaving lifting hurts!!"

18" floor tile covers 2/3 of the house. The picture does not bring out the true color of the tile.
Before grout.
The neighbor's cat was on their roof yesterday which I noticed while on a break in the trailer. Could not resist snapping a picture.

Bruce Willis appeared on a morning talk show last week. I just happened to catch it while I was waiting for my allergist to administer the yearly steroid injection.

If you want to rid yourself of allergies, a steroid injection is for you.

Bruce told the talk show host that he wakes up laughing everyday.


I tried that this morning, the waking up laughing thing.

It went over like a lead balloon with the wife.

Maybe laughing at 5 in the morning is a bit early. I'll try again tomorrow but this time at 6 and see what happens.

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Max said...

$280 for rocks, but no $50 for a day laborer?

Bob said...

Day laborer - that would be Bob. Besides, day laborers are in short supply in Cow Town. They've all gone south where the money and construction is.

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