Monday, April 16, 2007


Unless Jack Bauer's name is on the 2008 presidential ballot, I plan on voting NO!

Have you watched "24" Monday nights on Fox? Jack's the man.

If elected, Jack would get things done. See this little doohickey Jack (aka Kiefer Sutherland) is holding. Jack uses that to cut off the fingers of people who don't see it his way.

If elected president, Jack would continue to use that thing. Think about it? This war in Iraq over weapons of mass destruction that weren't -Jack would have sat down with old Saddam and talked about it before invading Iraq.

Saddam may have lost a couple of fingers in the process but you can bet your bottom dollar the good old USA would have never gone to war in Iraq. Jack would have solved the whole thing without firing a shot.

Iran and North Korea? No problem for Jack. His finger doohickey would bring the leaders of those countries around to the correct way of doing business without using nuclear weapons.

"I'm going to give you the finger" takes on a whole new meaning.

Jack would have a great collection of fingers. He would probably display them in the Smithsonian.

Jack mostly runs around like this: Pistol in the air, pointing it at bad guys. He says things like:

"Damn it Chloe!"

"Where's Kim?"

"Take him back to CTU for interrogation!"

"Mr. President?" - he calls the president of the United States a lot.

"Send a CTU car to pick me up right away" - Jack's cars are often shot to hell or wrecked. He is always needing a new car.

I'm hooked on Jack. I used to be hooked on phonics then I learned how to read.

The wife and I subscribe to Netflix. We've gone through the 24 episodes of season one and 24 episodes of season two. Right now we're in the middle of season three. Yes, watching 24 is addicting. We're junkies and proud of it.

I read in yesterday's Parade magazine that Kiefer Sutherland earns 23 million bucks a year. Sweet.

Becoming President of the United States would definitely be a cut in pay and not as much fun as being Jack Bauer.

Ronald Reagan was the closest we ever came to having a "cowboy" for a president. Jack Bauer would be over the top when it came to "cowboying up" in any crises.

He'd make one hell of a president.

I can dream, can't I.

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