Friday, April 13, 2007


The wife wanted to put rocks in the flower garden we're developing in the front of the house.

She wanted rocks? The wife now has rocks. 2,800 pounds. $240 worth. That's how much a bunch of big rocks cost in the 21st century.

What was I thinking? Did I really think that there was a way to unload this mother of all mother loads of rocks? I have rocks in my head. Lots of rocks.

I tried to unload all of the rocks. About 15 rocks were unloaded by old Bob. I shuffled the rounds in the cage around and took out the ones that I could life. Even the smallest of the load were heavy puppies. In the process of unloading those 15 rocks I:

Tore my shirt.

Got my leg pinched. It was in between a rock and a hard place. That hurt.

Over extended the right knee. For the rest of the afternoon Old Bob hobbled around the house.

Will I ever learn? Will I?

Today the son-in-law will come over. Together we'll lift the remaining rocks off of the truck.

The good Lord put son-in-laws on this earth for a reason.

The house is still a mess. It will be that way for another week. There's still a lot of work to be done.

Today is Day 12 of Remodel Hell.

In the afternoons we gather in the trailer. Jilli is pictured here doing what she does best: Snooze out in our bed after her midday meal. She loves to roost on the wife's pillow.

The other dog, the 5 pound Pom is a mess over all of the noise caused by the workers. She's content to remain in her crate that stays in the master bedroom.
Grace stretches out and watches cartoons. At this time of day she's had enough running around. A growing kid needs and afternoon rest. Since Grace resists a nap, cartoons are a good way to keep her quiet and resting for a time.
In the afternoons the wife often resorts to working on the laptop. It's connected to the Internet via wireless network to the modem in my office.

Yesterday she wrote to our friend Gail who remains in the hospital. We take turns writing to Gail in an attempt to bring cheer to her day.

It's not easy being a "prisoner" confined to a hospital room all hooked up to chemo wiring. Next stop is a bone marrow transplant.

Ever read about what a bone marrow transplant entails? It's not exactly a walk in the park.

No one ever said life was easy. But why is life being so hard on Gail? She does not deserve the crap she's been through and is still going through.

Lord? How much is enough for Gail? She's had enough. Enough of everything connected to this thing called leukemia. She's paid her dues. She's followed doctor's orders. She's sat for weeks in a hospital bed. It's time for her to be healed and done with this illness.

On this Friday, think good thoughts and direct your prayers her way. Gail needs all the help that she can get.

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