Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Zoe's Problem

Zoe makes the sound that's on the video a lot. She's been doing that since August. One day on and one day off. Vet after vet after vet says they have no clue what's wrong. Zoe's been medicated with every Tom, Dick and Harry medication known to dog kind including Valium. And she still does her "rant".

One vet said her back needs surgery. The back vet says nothing is wrong with Zoe's back. One vet said it's old age. She's on old dog medication. Zoe's soon to be 13 so that kind of makes sense if it had worked for her. Another vet says it's Zoe's aches and pains. She takes pain meds along with muscle relaxants.

Yesterday two consulting vets recommended that we put Zoe down. Hmmm.

Wifey: If you were Zoe what would you want?

Me: Another beer and life! What else?!!! End of discussion.

We'll keep trying. The experts say we'll know when it's time to put the old girl down. It's no where near that time.


La Roo said...

You'll know when Bob. If you don't mind me saying, it sounds like everytime she breathes in or out that noise is made. Could it be a lung or breathing thing? I'm sure you've had that checked. Just my observation.
Don't you wish that they could tell you what's going on?
I'm sending a little hug for Zoe, wifey and you.

Bob said...

Thanks for the suggestion, Laroo. Zoe spent all Tuesday in the Vet's office for their observation. They felt the panting and noises she makes while breathing were due to pain. It's hard to agree to those observations as we don't think this is all about pain but old age issues. Time will tell who's right and who's wrong here.

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