Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Hoist the Sails!!!

It's going to be a fine day on the lake. Nothing but California sunshine. Temperatures are predicted to be in the mid 70's or more with winds 10 miles an hour gusting to 20.   It's time to get out there and just do it which is exactly what's going to happen. Gracie is off on Spring Break. Wifey has puppy training with Kiri until noon. By then I'll have Sparkle Plenty all spiffed up and ready for the three of us to cast off.
On a fine day there's nothing like a sandwich in one hand and the boat's wheel in the other on.  Too bad you're working. . . . (grin)......

Happy Hump Day!
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La Roo said...

Ahhhhhh, beautiful!

evalinn said...

That looks wonderful! :-)

Bob said...

Laroo: It was.

Evalinn: Completely.

weeder said...

Wow. Two very nice looking beauties in that picture, the boat and Wifey. Lucky man on both fronts.

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