Friday, April 23, 2010

Marina Michael

This is Michael.  His boat is anchored to a "hook" just off of the marina and to the rear of Sparkle Plenty.  The photo shot with the digital camera using a close as you can get zoom of 200 mm.  Michael looks close but is a fair distance from where we're docked.

Yesterday Mike rowed out to his boat using the little green dingy that's attached to the stern.  It was a marvelous day on the water.  Warm.  Enough breeze to fill the sails.  Not one other boat on the lake.  Pure Nirvava.

I tried to figure out what the hell Mike was doing.  By these photos it appears that he's working on his toenails.  Is that it or is he working on something else?  Hmmm.  Funny guy this Michael.  Never know what he'll be up to next.

Mike works full time during the summer on the marina.  He rents boats - ski boats and patio boats.  He cleans the rental boats.  Mike also makes certain the boaters who frequent the marina follow the rules.  And when someone like yours truly needs a hand, Mike is there to lend just that.

Mike, like Marina Bob, always make for interesting "male" conversation.  It's part of the experience of being part of boating culture.   That's why I never accomplish what I set out to do in terms of cleaning and fixing Sparkle Plenty.  There's just too much to talk about with Bob and Mike.  Way too much.

There's been no one but us on the docks and around the boats since October.  Basically there's a bunch of boats docked but no people around to use them.  With the onset of the boating season nearly on us and the probably of a lot of people using the marina there's one thing for certain:  The three of us definitely have to clean up our least until next October.

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