Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Cowtown Way

My way.  The right way.  The wrong way.  The Cowtown way. All things associated with getting  job done. 

This photo was taken while sitting at a stoplight last week.  A fairly decent, late model station wagon which obviously had a run in with either another vehicle or a baseball bat.  This being Cowtown, I'm thinking it was the latter.

People living in Cowtown get things done just like the folks anywhere else.  Sometimes how the job gets done leaves me scratching my head.  Take this station wagon for example:  A little black plastic sheeting, a little duct tape and BINGO!  All fixed.  Whether lazy, can't spare the time for the car to be in the shop or just plain broke, this car is driveable. 

I kind of like it.  It has that just been in a NASCAR race wreck look to it.  Cool.

Last week I went sailing.  Packing up the car with all my boating crap after an afternoon on the lake I noticed a pickup parked next to mine.  At first glance I knew that it belonged to the guy who also owns a sailboat and who was just going out onto the lake when I was coming in.  Like two vehicles in the parking lot.  One was mine.  The other had to be his. 

Something in the bed of the truck caught my eye so I checked it out.  Ah, ha!  The keys to the truck had been left in the bed with little or no effort to conceal them.  Yet one more way of doing things the Cowtown way, I thought.  Not a bad idea if you think that for some reason you'll misplace your keys on board your sailboat.  But anywhere else but Cowtown a set of keys to a truck left unattended in the wide open would translate into an invitation to theft. 

As I climbed up into the truck I smiled thinking that it was kind of neat that someone would feel safe in leaving their keys in the bed of their truck while they were off sailing.  Trusting.  The Cowtown way of keeping track of something. 

I wish everyone thought like that. 


La Roo said...

Deep south, family, big big big barbeque, 4th of july every year,free to the community, close to 800 people. Every year for as long as they can remember left their houses an unlocked and keys in the cars. Several years ago people starting wanting doggy bags and heaping the plates and carrying out as much as possible, and one of the cars was stolen. What is wrong with people!!!? That was one of the neatest events I had ever been to. They don't have it anymore because people couldn't leave well enough alone.
Hopefully Cowtown will continue to stay that way.

Bigger said...

Thats funny I am bad for leaving my keys in my car. there was a many nights when my window would be down and my keys in the ignigton. Hell I have left the radio on all night before. that is just advertising it. But to comment on what Laroo said I am Deep South. Maybe Central deep south. Eastern NC anyway

Bob said...

Laroo: Cowtown is still the Old West. Fuck with just about anyone you're likely to have the horse poop kicked out of you. People know that which is why there's little crime here (except with the toothless Meth morons who do whatever to support their habits).

Bigger: Get this: In the SF Bay area people who leave their cars unlocked sometimes get up to a car that's been torched: There's a guy who loves to set cars unfire that are not locked. I think this is a pretty nifty way to get rid of a vehicle you don't want and collect the insurance to buy a new one....ya think?

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