Friday, April 09, 2010

Happy Birthday Dawn!

Yesterday was Dawn's birthday.  Like her mother, Dawn likes her birthday celebration to span just not one day but prefers that the festivities go on for close to a week.  It all started with a Winner, Winner, Turkey Dinner, an ice cream cake and presents at our home Sunday.  It ended (I think) yesterday with a lunch to honor Dawn at the Elks Lodge (everything is like $4.50 - burger and a side of fries, slaw or green salad for that amount) and then dinner last evening at her favorite Thai restaurant.   I think Dawn enjoyed this year's celebration.

It must be Spring.  Everything is sprouting up and growing in the warm April California sun.  So the lawn grows like a weed - big time so there was definite need to mow it yesterday (no easy task - we must have a half acre of grass).  Afterwards I took a couple of hours to drive out to the lake to tend to a few things that needed attention on the boat.  Of course it is obvious this morning that red faced Bob didn't apply any sun screen.  The dermo says that I have to be Irish as people of that decent burn like hell and have lots skins issues all due to too much sun.   And I come back with, Burn baby, burn!

How sweet it is.


La Roo said...

I realize now how much Gracie looks like her mom.
Talking about everything is sprouting up, let's also say floating around. Aaaachooo.
You are like me Bob, the butt white crew. :)

Bob said...

Laroo: Dawn is without children by choice. Gracie is Scott's daughter via ex girl friend Denise. It gets complicated. Nonetheless, Dawn, Wifey, Grace - - all peas in a pod, my dear. They are soooo much alike.

evalinn said...

Never miss the chance to party! :-) Happy Birthday Dawn!

La Roo said...

A big oops!
She still looks like Gracie to me though. :)

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