Sunday, April 04, 2010

Bob the Artist

I usually take pictures which usually come out fairly decent if I do say so myself.  Back in the day before digital cameras there was always a darkroom studio in each of our homes.  There's nothing like shooting photos then retiring to the darkroom to develop and print each of them.  That was fun. 

I'd always wanted to do a nude photo study of Wifey.  It would be tasty . . .definitely photographic art at its finest.  Nothing rude, crude or lewd.  Wifey is Wifey:  Anything other than tasteful with class is not going to happen.  Well, she's never consented to being a part of this project and we're talking many years of trying.   Wifey knows that Bob would post her naked image all over the Internet.  She's probably right.

Last night I asked again if she would pose for a couple of nudie cuties.  Nope. No way Jose.  Not gonna ever happen.  What are you, fucking nuts? She said........

So I asked if I could get out my sketch pad and render my impression of Wifey butt ass naked.  She said yes.  Totally shocked at her response I got to work on my first master piece. 

I think this is pretty cool for my first figure study.  If my last name was Picasso this puppy would fetch millions.   This first attempt might be worth just that once I become a famous artist.  Better tuck this one away for safe keeping.


evalinn said...

So I see you´re feeling better already! ;-)

La Roo said...

Good thing you have that adult content consent at the beginning of your blog. :)
Wow, you are so well rounded.And so is wifey according to you drawing.
I actually really like it. :) It makes me happy.
Tell wifey she does need to do a photo shoot with you, laroo said. She's pretty and Bob would do her right.

weeder said...

your wife is hot ;)

The Smoking Redhead said...

Ha ha, that's pretty good.

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