Thursday, April 29, 2010

Winner Winner Fish For Dinner!

It was Kid's Day on the river last Sunday and every Tom, Dick and Harry kid (including many young ladies, too) had their lines in the water.    In short fashion our Gracie caught this five pounder.  She was so proud of her catch.   Whoo Hoo, Gracie!  Here's one photo to always cherish. 

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La Roo said...

She's quite the fisherlady. I like to fish, just not touch them or eat them. It's all about sitting on the edge of a river or on a boat on a lake. Sniffffff. I can almost smell the fresh air.

DNA said...

Every child should have the chance to catch their own fish. I think we would have a lot less problems with our younger generation if they would just catch one fish. What a precious moment!

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