Thursday, April 01, 2010

One of Many

There were many paths to walked in life's journey.  And still, there forks in the road in which to choose.  Shall I go left or would be be better to head right?  Straight ahead looks pretty good.  Which one shall it be? 

That's the neat thing about life.  Choices.  So many choices.  Makes life interesting, sometimes exciting, never boring.

One fork in the road led me to local television.  It was a promising career.  Tons of experience on camera (host of several programs), producer of three or four programs, eventually managing the station . . . all make for great stuff on a resume.  At the time I was in the final stages of earning an undergraduate career. 

After an extended leave of absence from college classes it was time to choose yet another fork in the road in which to travel.  One fork had a sign that read "The Path of a Life in Television."  There were opportunities to move up in to broadcasting in San Francisco.    The second was labeled "A College Degree Opens Many Doors."  It was a tough choice but one that yielded no regrets years later.

I often wonder how I would have ended up had I taken that other path.  Maybe it would have been something like, HERRRRES BOBBY!

One never knows.


La Roo said...

Hold the phone!!
I need to come back to this........
I need to soak this in.
I'm so busy to put the thought I want to into this. Probably Sunday.
I got openings and Easter on Saturday. Cooking, planning and family stuff...wheew!
You caught my attention.

Bob said...

Laroo: Gee, and all along I thought I had your attention anyway....:)

We have company for Easter, too. But I have it all figured out. Ham TV dinners!

DNA said...

Well, well this was certainly a surprise to me and I have known you practically my entire life! Who would've thunk it? Mr. 2nd grade teacher on the telly?? If you were good, you would've made tons o' money, much better than teaching. But the stress?? I wonder if it would've been the same?

La Roo said...

Bob, you just surprise me sometimes. Is that you in the picture? Was the extended leave of absence what helped in the decision making process? Was a girl involved? The war? I want more.

Bob said...

DNA: You'd be surprised what's in Papa's closet. Lots of skeletons. This is but one. Yes, I often wonder what would have happened had I chosen the other fork in the road. It would have definitely taken me to far away places.

Laroo: Yes, me in the picture. A very young, wet behind the ear Bob.

No women involved in this decision. Had already served my time in the military. It was all about finishing college and the under grad degree. I felt at the time that the sheepskin was more valuable than a career in TV. A degree had been my long range goal after being discharged from the military. I just didn't want to lose sight of what was most important.

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