Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A Short Story

One of my Facebook friends is a former student of mine and one of my all time favorites, Rayme Waters.  She was a wonderful kid, smart as a whip, yielded a wit that was often astounding and a student who loved to read and write stories.  We did a lot of story writing in my second grade classroom.  I felt that learning to express oneself on paper at an early age would be of value later in life.  So, by the end of the school year through everyday practice each student could write at least a 10 sentence story with a distinct beginning, middle and end.

Rayme has long since grown up and gotten a wonderful post high school education:  Cal Berkeley under graduate degree, Stanford University graduate degree.  I would not have expected anything less than this.

Yesterday Rayme announced on her FB page that one of her short stories had been published this time in the Meadowland Review.  Anxious to read Rayme's latest offering, I jumped on the computer and quickly downloaded a copy for reading later that evening. 

Here's the link:

To find Rayme Water's short story click on Table of Contents, then scroll down to the Rayme Waters, The Water Tower, click on Water Tower which brings up the story.  Click on download PDF file and print this story.

I have to say, without prejudice, that the Water Tower is an enjoyable short story.  Rayme has a way with words that is simply marvelous. 

I'd like to think that Rayme's love and talent for writing started when she was 7 or 8 years olds that began with my insisting that every kid of mine write a story a day...not just any story but one that made sense and where each word was spelled and used correctly.  Maybe that's why I popped all the buttons on my shirt while reading Rayme's short story.  Bob is definitely one proud papa.

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Rayme Waters said...

Thanks for reading mr Watson. I have another short story that won the palo alto fiction contest and a third published in the print only orange coast review. Hopefully a novel to come someday.

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