Wednesday, April 14, 2010

When Life Becomes
Shit on a Stick

The film, Forest Gump....Forest said:   "My momma always said", 'Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get.'

Bob the realist says that in every box of chocolates there's bound to be shit on a stick.  The saying, when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.  When life gives you shit on a stick then what?   There's no making a box of chocolates or lemonade out of shit on a stick.

So you grin.  You bare it.  You never let them see you sweat.  Then you scarf down that shit on a stick and pretend you're loving every morsel.   Oh, so yummy!  It's a tough pill to swallow then you remember that what doesn't kill you (or make you barf your guts out) will only make you stronger.  When you're done "eating", always pick the shit out your teeth and get on with it like there never was any shit on a stick to contend with.

Life is 20% how you take it and 80% what you make out it.

Enough preaching for this Wednesday. 

It's another busy day in Cowtown. 

8 a.m. this morning:  Dental appointment for semi-annual cleaning. 

Costco at 10.  

At 11:  Wifey takes the little squirt, Kiri, to puppy training. 

Noon:  Lunch out somewhere.

Then at 1:  Wifey and Bob goes tile shopping for the master bedroom.

3 o'clock:  As it is my habit this time of day I take time to read the San Francisco paper and the Wall Street Journal while watching NBC's nightly news (East coast feed via satellite) and then a program recorded on TIVO early this morning:  IMUS.   

Soon it's 5:  Wifey prepares Chiles Rellenos.

Later on at 6 or 7:   Dinner. 

Finally at 8:  Walk the dogs. 

See how easy it is to fill up an entire day with all kinds of different stuff?  Never boring.


Bigger said...

I reckon with a box full of shit on a stick you never no if you will get corn stuck in your teeth

La Roo said...

Hubby says everything is good deep fried. You could deep fry a turd and it would taste good, he says. I bet all the better on a stick, because everything is better on a stick. :)
We've all had to taste the bad juju or poo poo. Spit it out, and look at it with all your distaste.... and walk away with your head held high.

Lunch with mom.
some other shit in between. :)

evalinn said...

You´re so wise! :-) And nice day too. I hope the dentist appointment went well.

Bob said...

Bigger: Better than floss!

Laroo: Hubby and I think alike in more ways than one. :) Sounds like your day was a good one except for other shit inbetween (not shit on a stick?!)

Evalinn: It was just a semi annual cleaning. I'm not wise - just a wise ass.....

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