Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Duck Duck Goose!

I drove to the marina yesterday to check Sparkle Plenty's mooring lines.  There had been winds to 40 miles an hour.  That usually mean it's a good thing to take that drive to make certain all is ship shape.

No sooner had I stepped out of the truck when a mated pair of geese glided by the shoreline.  Making a bee-line for the truck, I opened its door and grabbed the camera, snapping 7 or 8 photos similar to this one.  It was magic, a Kodak moment.  Well worth the drive to the marina.

Once the photos were snapped I walked down to the boat.  Once there one quick look told me that Sparkle Plenty's springline, the line designed to keep her nose from hitting the dock, had been stretched due to the boat bobbing up and down.  It was much too loose.  In two shakes the line was tightened and retied to its mooring cleat on the dock.

Just another day in paradise.


La Roo said...

Ooooh babies.
Those are Canadian geese, huh? Absolutely beautiful.

Bob said...

Yes, they are. And they do a lot of honking, too! :)

Bigger said...

They ar beutiful

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