Sunday, March 29, 2009


It felt like Saturday was somewhat like the film Weekend at Bernie's. You know the one. . . Bernie dies, his buds prop him up and take him lots of places.

Bob's far from dead (contrary to the opinion of some who post comments here) but it did feel like the right thing to play dead and asked to be propped up yesterday. It was the AARP thing to do.

So, here are the girls first thing yesterday morning. They made a fort out of their bedsheets and blankets and they're basking under the finished product.

Wifey and the kids met Auntie Dawn for breakfast. They ate at one of those places that feature help yourself at the cereal bar for breakfast.

After breakfast it was off to the nature park.
The ladies saw a wildlife show that featured a red tailed hawk (seen here), a fox and a porcupine.
Three hours later the girls came home all tuckered out. But not enough tuckered out be to down for the count. The remainder of the day was spent running around the backyard, begging to use the hose for water fights, digging in the sand and mud.

I sat back, watched their fun and said out loud more than a few times, "Just prop me up, will ya?!"

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