Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Friday we drove to Lake Tahoe to check out a sailboat. It was a window of opportunity that was in between storms. As it was some of the driving meant snow/ice covered highway.

This picture was taken about 45 minutes east of Cowtown. The dog and Wifey . . . they had to go.

As you can see here, Zeen loves to jump up and down. Wifey jumps up and down when she can't hold it any more.

We all know about yellow snow. So Wifey does her thing. Guess what? Wifey covers up her yellow snow. I couldn't help saying, "What the hell is that? Everybody loves yellow snow and you're covering yours up? That's so un-American. No body covers up yellow snow!"

To my delight, Zeenie didn't cover up her yellow snow.
We had parked right across from the trail to the Thousand Lakes Wilderness. Hiking to the lakes and counting each of them went on the bucket list of things to do.
The day after our trip our local newspaper reported that at this very spot, two hours after this picture was taken, a woman went off of the road and rolled her car.

The road was definitely slick. But how could does anyone roll a car on a straight stretch of open highway?

Maybe she was talking on her cell phone and breast feeding her kid. . . .

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La Roo said...

Brrrrrrrr Bob!

Anonymous said...


The pics look great. I am dying to know how you made out with the boat...and more importantly...thanks for the tribute to Frank Zappa.

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