Sunday, March 15, 2009


I arrive home from Vegas, Baby! and find that Grace has been at it again.

When she lost her first tooth Grace freaked out. Blood. A pearly white in her hand. "How am I going to eat?!", she screamed. It took a while to calm our little girl down.

About four teeth later losing a fang is no big deal in fact, Grace works on losing teeth. I think she kind of likes it. Grace also likes finding a couple of bucks under her pillow the next day all due to the Tooth Fairy.

When I left for Vegas, Baby!, Grace had a little hole in her smile. I come home to find that she now has a big whole in that little smile of hers. I'm thinking that Fang would be a nice nickname for Gracie: Fang of Cowtown!

Zeenie could care less about missing teeth. For her life is all about ball, ball and more ball . . . in particular her favorite red ball that squeaks.

It's good to be home and back to normal.

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