Friday, March 27, 2009

Bitch Ass Physicians

A prescription I've taken for years is running out. When that happens I have to schedule an appointment with my female family physician to get it renewed. Nope, she won't renew on the phone and just has to see me. Apparently this is how some physicians make their money by demanding that their patients see them just to renew a prescription. This always pisses me off. Waste of money. Waste of time. Not needed.


Doc: I won't renew your prescription until you complete the blood work.

Me: That's not going to happen. I did blood work last year. Nothing has changed. The medication I take has no effect on my vitals or anything else. You've said that yourself. Blood work two years in a row is a waste of my blood, my time and my money. Just renew the prescription and I'll be out of here.

Doc: I won't renew your medication until you do the blood work.

At that point in our dialogue she's taking my pulse for some stupid reason instead of listening to her patient and attempting to come to some understanding of what his needs are.

Me: You can stop taking my pulse. This exam is over.

On the way out she looks back at me and says:

Doc: I'll see you later.

I'm thinking, "Huh? What a stupid comment".

Me: I don't think so. You will definitely not be seeing me any time later.

Adding insult to injury I was charged for an office visit. As I wrote out a check for the co-pay I thought hmmm, bet this chick gets a kick back from the lab for every series of blood work she sends their way.

Refusing treatment to a patient who has contrary beliefs is just terrible. I'm glad that I discovered what this witch is all about and not during a future medical crises. Better to know now that this person has no respect for what her patients want and need then to die from her neglect later.



Anonymous said...

Sweet Sweet Bob, a doctor can't keep treating a patient for a condition without cause. Example: writing prescriptions. If they could imagine the ppl pressuring their docs to keep writing Rx's that do need to be monitored. How can you treat a patient you don't see? At your age you should be doing routine labs every year. PSA, CBC, CMP, and at least lipids. Just to check for anything that might come up that you didn't have last year. I do mine once a year and I'm 33. Insurance should cover a heavy portion of this.

OH Yeah- And WTH. Where was I when you were in Vegas? I dunno. Was I invited? *Slap*
BTW- I am deathly afraid of boats.
Cheers Bob!

Anonymous said...


First off, Sade is hot!

Secondly, I am right there with you regarding physicians. And I bet, that if she explained why you needed blood work done and what she was looking for, that you would have gone.

Hell, I bet that she just came out and was honest and said, "Listen dude, I need your help here as I want to avoid being the target of a malpractice lawsuit and your getting blood work shows the HMO that I am taking all precautions" I bet you would have gone there too.

However, they just have no beside manners anymore and it is all about the money....

This is sad!

La Roo said...

Been to many a doc, and actually you do have to feel them out (so to speak). They do need to check in on your issues to see if anything changes or something did come up (so to speak). I do think it's important, but can be overdone.
I've really struggled with finding docs that really care or just are in it for the money.
I've done a similar thing as you and walked (rolled out), just fed up.

Bob said...

Blither: Life is like Burger King - -- I'm going to have it my way or it's the highway. I learned a long time ago to never ever trust the opinion or direction of a physician. Had I been trusting the medical community would have killed Wifey several years ago. That's why they call it "practicing medicine" because many of these so called healers don't know their ass from a hole in the ground. They just have to keep on practicing on fools who don't know any better.

Fox: The medication I take has nothing to do with anything that comes up on blood work. Nothing. There was no reason to call for it. None.

Laroo: It pays to be cautious.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you 110% Mr Bob. I worked as a Medical assistant and then a office manager for 10 years. Doctor's mostly over practice because they are scared of malpractice. I feel Nevada has some of the worse MD's in the USA. I've fired 5 of my GP's already (In 5yrs.). If you don't feel comfortable with a doctor seek a new one. One thing is sure, you still need routine blood test and general checks. Find someone you feel comfortable with. Best bet is word of mouth. Talk to people. Find out who's been around forever and who takes more than a half hour to get into- Odds are thats a great Doctor.

Cheers Buddy. I did check out the post above! Love the Lil ones Hair :)

Jes said...

Having seen more than my share of doctors and specialists I totally agree with you Bob. For me, I would submit to plenty of unneccessary tests if I had to because of liability or some other stupid reason, as long as the communication was there. If a doctor won't take 2 minutes to be straight with me when I'm calm and healthy and at my most rational, I don't want them anywhere near me when things go really bad.

Bob said...

Blither: I'm shopping around for another doc....believe this . .. I have to apply to become a patient at the one practice I'd like overseeing my health. Then the physician interviews the prospective patient and decides whether or not to take that person on. I can hear the physician now during my interview when I ask what the next step of the process will be: That would be in the butt, Bob!

Jes: I'm with you . . . and that's why each of us need an advocate or friend along to make certain things go in the right direction.

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