Thursday, March 19, 2009


A week ago sailing Lake Meade.

Mostly it was motoring the lake. The only wind to be found was in a small inlet adjacent to Hoover Dam. And even then it wasn't enough for a decent heel.

If you've never been there Lake Meade a pretty lake a few miles from Vegas in the middle of the desert.
I'll sail Lake Meade again one day. Next time it will be in Bob's boat.

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La Roo said...

Your pictures are beautiful Bob.

Anonymous said...

I remember having breakfast as the sun was coming up one summer morning on the Hoover Dam. I am glad you took these pics to let me see what was around the other side of the bend on the lake.

Looks awesome Bob!

Shells Bells said...

wow looks like a rough life you got there in California :) Makes me want to take Schwarzenegger seriously in his come to California commercials!

evalinn said...

So...this is your new boat?

Anonymous said...

I didn't realize there was an "e" on Mead. I am actually not fond of lake mead. It doesn't compare to any of the lakes in Washington. I pity it. I hate to be so shallow about the only lake in Vegas, but its true. I think its ugly. *Vomit*

Try the Puget sound.


I adore it.

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