Monday, March 16, 2009


Zeenie just loves to take her ball, plop it in her water bowl and then fish it out. She gets wet. The floor gets wet. In the end, Zeen gets her ball.

Just a year old this dog loves to play.

The other day while playing outside ball on her own, Zeenie discovered a fairly large sized hole with lots of water in it.

You guessed it: Time for put the ball in the hole and fish it out. This time the stakes around getting the ball out of the hole were a bit higher.

A. It took a while to get the ball out.

B. Zeenie managed to cover her underside and rear end in mud.

C. A game of get the ball turned into put the dog in the garage tub. . . the latter being this dog's least favorite thing.

There's something to be said about Zeenie: She's definitely not afraid to get dirty.

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Max Watson said...

hahaha... so clean and yet so dirty at the same time.

Shells Bells said...

that's one dirty puppy

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