Friday, March 13, 2009


Me to the customer service rep in the process of booking a flight to Vegas, baby!

Me: I'd like to order an inflight sandwich.

Rep: No can do, There's no food service.

Me: Come on, you can make an exception. I want a ham and cheese grilled 30 minutes into the flight.

Rep: Okay, that would be our In Your Dreams Special.

Me: Cool. I look forward to that.

To the flight attendant during the flight:

Me: Okay, where's my sandwich? I was promised the In Your Dreams Special.

Attendant: That would be really in your dreams, Bob. No food service on this flight. But, I can give you the In the Butt Bob Special but you'll have to wait when we land in Vegas, Baby!

Me: I'm hungry now. No can wait.

Attendant: This is worth waiting for.

We get there. As I walk down the aisle I ask where my special In the Butt Sandwich is.

Attendant: Here it is. Listen up.

And Shake Your Booty music fills the cabin.

Me: What the hell am I supposed to do with that?

Attendant: That would be in the butt, Bob. SHAKE YOUR BOOTY, BABY!

And I did. That started Bob Does Vegas.

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