Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Wifey and I have been talking about do's and do nots during the solo to Vegas.

Me: I think they have hookers in Vegas. What should I do if one slides up to me and makes and offer I can't refuse.

Wifey: Refuse it or lose your balls, dick head.

I just love it when Wifey talks dirty to me.

Me: Well, I guess I could strike up a conversation with the hooker. It might go like this.

Me to Hooker: Do you like what you do?

Hooker: It pays the rent.

Me: Where do you like to do it?

Hooker: That would be in the butt, Bob.

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Anonymous said...


Vegas is definitely the place for you.

Bob said...

Fox: I think you're right. Now if I can just stay out of jail. . .

La Roo said...

Let's make sure that's not your butt Bob.
Hubby and I have been to a strip club twice, it was pretty fun. We set boundaries and both got something out of it. Our neighbor guy in the hotel room next to us didn't like the outcome as much as we did. Damn guy called and complained. Uh..... can we say jealous.
Oh yeah lets go to vegas and get sleep. :)
Wifey means it Bob, be good!!

Anonymous said...

Bahahahahahahah!! I love that.

Vegas, huh?
We'll be in the 80's next week. YAY!

I gotta say I've lived here for over 5 years and haven't noticed one hooker- Strippers yes, but hookers, no. Maybe it's me.

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