Tuesday, March 17, 2009


Happy St. Patrick's Day everyone and especially to those who have more than just a "wink" of Irish in their gene pool.

I read in today's paper that our men in blue will be out in full force looking for Irish men and women driving under the influence. They do that every March 17th.

Don't you think that's ethnic profiling?

What if the cops did the same thing on Martin Luther King's birthday . . . prowling the streets looking for under the influence African American men and women? Try flying that one and see if your politically correct aircraft gets even a foot off of the ground.

With any luck of the Irish my brothers and sisters will celebrate the day and only suffer a big head tomorrow at home and not in the drunk tank.
I was going to hit a couple of the pubs today and wear this t-shirt. Wifey must have either hid or burned it for it is no where to be found.

With any Irish luck I'll find that damn shirt and be off!


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