Tuesday, March 17, 2009


The house is on the downside slope of a hill. Our city fathers saw fit to install drains on the uphill side of the property to keep water coming off of the hill out of our yard. A large culvert runs under our yard and comes out on the other side of the fence you see here.

When the culvert drain is filled this is what happens: The remaining runoff floods the backyard.

Yesterday four inches of rain fell on the westside of Cowtown in three hours.

What you see here is the failure of the drainage system to keep up with the buckets of rain that fell yesterday. Ah, the best laid plans of mice and men run amok.

Run-off was held by the fence boards. As you see here it flowed under and between them.
Part of the runoff from the roof and landscape drains run into a faux creek bed in back of the house.
Then there's Zeenie who yesterday didn't have the sense to come in out of the rain. Here you can see that it is raining woof-woof-meow-meow (long for raining cats and dogs) and Zeen, soaking wet, is loving the California liquid sunshine. She spend hours in the rain before she was whistled into the house.

For a purebred Pomeranian Zeen loves to get down, get dirty and act like a mutt.

Don't you just love a dog like that?

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Anonymous said...

Hi! Even with the rain, you have a gorgeous backyard. Read some 25 yr old man drowned yesterday in Redding!! Weird Your pets look lovely with their "wearin o' the green"...8thggf @ 4:20p.m. 3-17-09

Bob said...

8thggf: Yup, the guy that drowned was a couple fries short of a Happy Meal . . . not too bright. Come down and have dinner one night . . . and see the backyard first hand.

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