Saturday, March 28, 2009


Grace's mom and step-dad are off this weekend to some kind of marriage encounter. As the story goes the weekend is to help enhance the marriage and serve as the stepping stone to problems in the relationship.

Well folks, they've been married since October and it's been one thorny bed of roses since then. Off the get go it was obvious that this was no match made in heaven. This couple can attend marriage encounter after marriage encounter till hell freezes over and it still ain't gonna last. You can quote me on that one.

Anyway, so the newlyweds could go off and patch things up we were asked to take Grace and her 3 1/2 year old step-sister Hanna for the weekend (Friday through Sunday).

The girls arrived around five Friday night and I wanted to make dinner an easy thing. What's easier than a KFC dinner? There's something about the Colonel's mashed potatoes and gravy that every kid loves.

I have a thing about putting anything and everything on my head. KFC buckets always end up on my head. I end up smelling like KFC chicken. Hanna, not knowing me well, probably ended up thinking, "Who in the hell is this guy?"

Grace just has to pull the bucket down over Papa's head. Having spent the majority of her waking hours in our home from 6 months of age to the present, Grace learned at an early age on how to get in on my antics.

My bucket list has a number of things to put on my head before I buy the farm. KFC buckets always seem to be at the head of the list.

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La Roo said...

I want to come hang out.

La Roo said...

By the way, good look. :)

Bob said...

Laroo: The door is always open. Head-up I-5 for like 8 hours and you'll be here. You'd fit right in with the ladies.

Max Watson said...

Hanna was still in diapers last time I saw her. I was surprised to read that the other girl was her and not a friend from Grace's school.

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