Friday, May 23, 2008


Do you know what the letters B.F.D. mean?


F_ _ _ _ _ _ _


I've spelling that word before. Don't ask me why I've changed my mind about spelling it again.

Anyway, the BFD is a club in the Valley. Lots of people belong to it. There are so many people who are members they were able to buy a clubhouse for their meetings. And so many people come to their meetings they had to put in three large doors so everyone didn't have to wait in line to get in. Check out the picture. The BFD club has been in this place since 1939. That's a BFD in itself.

To be a member of the BFD club is a big deal. You have to be able to prove that you've done one thing that was a big fucking deal. I think I just spelled out the F word. Sorry.

Take for example one member, Mary Jo. She's been married 6 times. Now that's a big fucking deal and why Mary Jo is a member.

Cooter is a member of the BFD club. To get in Cooter had to prove that at 45 he's still the Hill Billy virgin of the Valley. Don't ask how he proved that. I am told that somehow he did.

The BFD club has a secret handshake that really is a BFD. You have to be a member to know how to do the handshake. Must be a BFD to be kept a secret for so long.

I tried to get into the BFD club but things that I thought were a BFD were not a BFD to the BFD membership committee.

When the committee told me I didn't make the cut I said, "Big fucking deal!" and left.

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Sexy Duet said...

That is too funny Bob - I would always consider you a BFD :)


Bob said...

Ms SD; And you, too!

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