Friday, May 02, 2008


Do you check in with Fox news?

This week the cure for prostate cancer was broadcast.

On Fox news an Australian scientist said that the more men masturbate the chance for prostate cancer is reduced. Right, masturbation over throw down, opposite sex, sexxx.

It empties the prostate gland of all the impurities. The more "empties" the better, the less chance for prostate cancer.

My reply? What a jerk-water! How did this guy ever come up with something like this? I can just picture what this Australian scientist looks like. This guy got paid to come up with this conclusion.

Bob to Scientist - Bob to Scientist! Dude, no choking the chicken or spanking the monkey! Get yourself a good woman and screw your life away knowing you're probably eliminating the possibility of contracting prostate cancer.

Make love, not war and at the same time take care of that prostrate. This is Bob's health tip of the day.

Oh yeah, a picture of my dog Zeenee. She's a peach, isn't she?

Damn, I'm home. It's great. I'm thinking I'd better get into a program of prostrate therapy in the name of personal health. . . . Better check in with my prostrate therapist. . . Oh, Candace! . . . . :)

Happy weekend, Prostate people!

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Sexy Duet said...

I hope no one else listens to this scientist - if all the Aussie men start masturbating, what is an Aussie girl to do? Visit the States perhaps? hehehe


Bob said...

Well, I know of one Aussie girl who's visitng the states come Sept. . . The USA may never be the same! :)

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