Saturday, May 24, 2008

Yesterday I took time to visit Grace's school which also used to be my place of employment. While the idea was for me to spend time in Grace's classroom, I took time to visit some of my favorite people including Linda.

Linda: I like your hair longer.

Me: I just haven't taken time to get a haircut. Know what, I like it long, too. It used to be a lot longer back in the day.

When Max comes home from Korea for a visit he scans some of the old photos to take back to share with his lady friend. Here's one with Max and Papa Watson.

Once in a while someone would ask me if I was part Latino. I'd give them a strange look and ask why they thought that since yours truly has a European heritage (Irish, Dutch, English).

Looking at this particular picture this morning I think that I kind of look like the Cisco Kid, complete with all the hair to go with that title. Yes, there was a touch of Latino in Old Bob if only on the surface. What do you think?

At the time this picture was taken I was in my third year of teaching. It's surprising to me to remember that I allowed my hair to remain pretty much the way it was during my college years.

Damn, that was a mighty fine head of hair.

Linda, I got a haircut yesterday. The cutter only took a bit off. It's still longer than you're used to seeing albeit less of a head of hair that's pictured here. Who knows, maybe I still grow a crop of hair like that again.

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Anonymous said...

That is a great picture, Bob!! Love it! and check out how hot you were! the hair is awesome.

and thanks for your comment on my blog today. You are too kind and i feel honored that you would say u would hire me. I actually do have a Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Education so i am certified to teach PreK-5th grades.

I used to teach 2nd and 4th grades before I had my Joe. I loved those grades too.

I may go back to work in the upper grades when Joe goes to Kindergarten. I really loved 4th grade. But Preschool is just so much fun. It's been a really great experience and I never saw myself teaching prek.

Have a great weekend, Bob!

Sexy Duet said...

Wow, that is some hair-do!!! Bob was a looker then but has certainly got better with age :)


Shells Bells said...

that is the best stash ever!

Max said...

hola papa!

Bob said...

Katie: How I was? Gee Katie, I was thinking I still kind of hot. You want a job - anytime - come to California. You've got one.

Ms SD: Thank you. I'd like to think that.

Shelly: And oh what I could do with that stash . . .


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